Tendencies In Production and Consumption of Nuts

Ever increasing demands for nuts is highly noticeable and so is the production. The reason is nuts are advantageous to human health and are wonderful source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. It has been proved that nut also help control the sugar level in the body. The demand for nut exceeds the production which is leading high consuming countries to import from top producing countries. Though there is a significant increase in the production, there are also factors that hinder the production.

The world is using more groundnuts and tree nut than ever before because of the health advantages related to these nuts. Peanuts are the most consumed groundnut while almond is the most consumed tree nut. Tree nuts consist of almonds, pistachios, Brazil nuts, hazelnut, walnuts, pecans, pine nut, as well as cashews.


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Here is table of total worldwide consumption:

Rank Nut Total Worldwide Consumption (MT)
1 Peanut 42,596,000
2 Almond 1,188,687
3 Walnut 888,672
4 Cashew 792,323
5 Pistachio (in shell) 669,860
6 Hazelnut 424,139
7 Pecan 125,496
8 Macadamia 50,360
9 Brazil Nut 26,960
10 Pine Nut 21,690


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