Golden Kiwi

Golden kiwis distinguish themselves from common kiwis in color, texture and flavor. Its flavors are sweet and tropical with notes of pineapple and mango. The best and most productive place for successful commercial cultivation of kiwi in Iran is the city of Chobar Talash in the north of Iran, where 95% of kiwi production in this […]

Green Kiwi | Hayward Kiwi

The best kiwi (Green Kiwi) in Iran is planted in the three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan, and the number of harvests of this product increases every year. The Hayward kiwi is the main green variety produced for the world’s markets and dominates production in most growing areas. It is moderately hairy and more […]

Red Kiwi

Rainbow Red kiwis are small fruits that have an oval to ovate shape with a distinct dent on the bottom of the fruit, a distinguishing factor between this specialty variety and other kiwi cultivars. The western cities of Mazandaran, including Abbas Abad and Chalus, as well as the provinces of Gilan and Golestan, have the […]