Black Barberry | Mountain Barberry

Wild, organic or mountain barberry is one of Iranian edible fruits, with a sour, delicious and juicy taste. It has a black appearance and its quality completely depends on the weather conditions where it grows. Some people know mountain barberry in wholesale markets as Epin Wint. The origin of barberry production is South Khorasan province […]

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Pomegranate Seed Barberry |‌ Dane Anary Barberry

Dried pomegranate seed barberry is the fruit of barberry. Because of its resemblance to pomegranate seeds, it is called pomegranate seed barberry. Its color is darker than the puffed type, its size is smaller and it has less moisture. Compared to puffed barberry, in the process of drying, these barberries are separated from the tree […]

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Puffy Barberry | Pofaki Barberry

Barberry is a red fruit with a sour taste. Puffy barberry is one of the most luxurious and expensive types of Iranian barberry. To maintain its quality, it is dried without direct sunlight. Normally, the production of this type of barberry usually takes three months. It usually enters the market up to 6 months after […]

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Zirtalari Barberry

Zirtalari barberry is one of the types of barberry. It is mainly cultivated in South Khorasan province in Iran. This type is a mixture of puffed barberry and pomegranate seeds. It has a higher quality than pomegranate seeds, it is close to puff barberry, but at a more reasonable price. Normally, this type of barberry […]

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