FUELMAX S ENDURANCE is the ideal choice of tyre for fleets that aim to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


FUELMAX S ENDURANCE is the ideal choice of tyre for fleets that aim to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


This enhances the durability of the tyre throughout its life and offers ideal conditions for high quality retreading. Among its features are: High durability and retreadability by introducing our innovative DuraShield technology, excellent traction in on- and off-road applications and increased winter performance with 3PMSF marking and extended tyre life.

Introduction on URBANMAX

URBANMAX tyres benefit from a number of features that make them perfectly suited for city streets – including recent innovations designed for electric vehicles such as reinforced sidewalls, flexomatic sipes, electric-ready innovation and new tread compound. Fortunately, URBANMAX is also adapting to give you efficiency, strength and sustainability now and in the future.

Introduction to COACH

The asymmetric design avoid irregular wear typical of this kind of vehicles while providing excellent mileage, good all season performance and a very good level of comfort both for the driver and his passengers.


As a fleet manager, you know you need to drive better fuel efficiency and prove your sustainability to customers. Yet you also need tyres that can cope with everyday operation, which can involve different types of route.

Introduction to New KMAX

Developed according the “Multiple Life Concept” approach, the new KMAX 17,5” and 19,5” are regroovable and retread able – allowing fleets to make the ideal use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per kilometer.

Introduction to OMNITRAC

The three OMNITRAC products are OMNITRAC S, OMNITRAC D and OMNITRAC T. The OMNITRAC S and D feature our innovative DuraShield technology casing. Thanks to the non-metallic top layer of the belt, the steel belts and body structure are protected from moisture damage and corrosion. This increases the durability of the tire throughout its life and provides ideal conditions for high-quality punctures. With Goodyear’s OMNITRAC tyres, you get something money can’t buy – peace of mind.

Introduction to ULTRA GRIP MAX

Ice and snow form dangerous obstacles that can hinder your fleet, put your drivers at risk and increase costs. Goodyear ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres make sure that you can stay on the road throughout the colder times of year. A combination of two technologies is used in these tires. IntelliMax Block Technology offers optimal snow and ice grip through the use of longitudinal, diamond shaped blocks with variable depth, which maximize sipe opening. The IntelliMax Edge Technology makes for optimum tyre to road connectivity, especially on slippery surfaces.

KMAX D 17.5’’ and 19.5’’

The new KMAX D tyre provides optimal mileage and traction throughout the entire life combined with robustness, all weather capability and versatility. Suitable for all applications and most modern vehicle technologies. The directional tread pattern with in depth sipes offers great traction on all surfaces throughout the entire tyre life while shoulder tie bars reinforce the tyre tread to cope with high torque conditions.

KMAX S 17.5’’ and 19.5’’

The new KMAX S tyres provide operators with excellent robustness, versatility, handling precision and all weather capability. The new special tread compound offers high mileage and optimized fuel efficiency, while at the same time, proven IntelliMax Rib Technology provides high stability throughout the life of the tyre and in all applications.


The MARATHON COACH is both regroovable and retreadable and has been developed according to the ‘Multiple Life Concept’ approach – allowing fleets to make the best use of their tire assets and substantially reduce their cost per kilometer.


Drive-axle tyre with high damage resistance and lifelong traction, even with occasional excursions to off-road conditions.


A self-cleaning drive axle tyre designed to withstand severe on- and off-road conditions


A mixed service steer-axle tyre designed to offer smooth on-road driving without sacrificing off-road traction and durability.


A steer axle tyre designed to cope with the demanding requirements of severe mixed service applications.