How COVID-19 Affected Nut consumption

The new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been spread worldwide, it’s been a while. People are looking for solutions to stay safe against this life-threatening virus. Though there is still no approved medicine or vaccine to cure this illness, there are still some ways to enrich the immune system. However, it should be noticed that enhancing the immune system doesn’t mean you won’t be affected the virus anymore, it is just a suggestion to stay healthier and proceed a better diet.


Ways to stay healthier during pandemic

If you ask the doctors about how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, they will recommend you to look after an active life, do exercise, reduce your stress, and watch your diet. The combination of these recommendations can be of use to have a healthier life. We are here to talk about the possible effects of nut consumption in the time of COVID. It may be interesting to take a look at.


Which nuts can help you improve the immune system?

Please take it into your account that we can only suggest these nuts to improve your immune system, there is no logic that they can overcome COVID-19 or any other diseases. In accordance to what was just mentioned, have you ever thought about almonds which is rich in vitamin E?

Undoubtedly, vitamin E is one of the antioxidants that can lessen the risks of cancers, slow down the signs of aging, and also keep you safe from inflammation. Moreover, vitamin E is one of the supplements that may directly influence cells of the immune system. As a result, it can improve it and stop diseases that take place due to the vulnerability of the immune system. Additionally, vitamin E is the key to healthy skin and eyes. It also can improve memory by balancing dopamine in the brain.


Is there any proof for almond being helpful for coronavirus disease?

It’s been justified that almond has the highest amount of vitamin E in every serving. It can provide 7.27 mg of vitamin E, which is almost equal to half a person’s daily requirement.


What about walnuts as great source of omega-3?

Walnut, the brain nut, is one of the most advantageous nuts you can ever find. It is similar to a brain, and in fact, it is wonderful for the brain because it is enriched with the highest level of omega-3, which can help you have a good sleep at night and acts like a natural stress relief. It’s not only the omega-3 fatty acids that cause this nut a superfood, walnut also consists of copper, manganese, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, and selenium. They are all unbelievable immunity boosters and also can make heart health, skin, and bone health better. Therefore, eating an enough number of walnuts during the day can keep you safe and immune.


Is it healthy to eat walnuts when you are infected by coronavirus?

Have you ever noticed that inflammation is critical for COVID-19 patients? Omega-3 can decrease inflammation, that’s why many nutritionists insist that a diet containing this fatty acid can decrease the risk of this disease.


What about pistachios, loaded with high level of protein

Your body is in short of different vitamins and minerals to work better during the day. One of the supplements having a huge impact on your energy during the daytime is protein. The shortage of protein in the body may lead to weakness, fatigue, and poor immunity. That’s exactly when your body becomes defenseless to different diseases.



Is consuming pistachios helpful for COVID-19?

Pistachio, as one of the nuts, has the highest level of protein. It’s proved that every 100 grams of pistachios contain 20 grams of protein, which can provide the body 40% of the protein it needs during the day. Furthermore, pistachio can balance blood sugar levels making it an exceptional nut for people with diabetes.


Looking for an anti-depression nut? Cashews.

Hitherto we have talked about empowering the immune system, but we can’t ignore the fact that the pandemic had an influence on people’s mental health too. Being locked-down for a long period of time may lead to depression, which is again not a good sign. The depression may make the immune system weak and make increased susceptibility to illness. Therefore, it’s crucial to have foods on your diet that are helpful for your mental health too. There is also a diet for depression, and for sure cashew is one of the nuts that can find its place on this diet.

Cashews are highly rich in monounsaturated fats, which is great for heart health. Therefore, you will be more immune to heart problems by having this nut on your diet. Furthermore, cashews contain vitamin B6, niacin, magnesium, and also tryptophan, which are mood-stabilizing as a combination. B6 helps convert the tryptophan into serotonin, which is necessary for the brain’s well-being and happiness. Serotonin is also considered as the happy chemical.


What is the next? A nut to enhance bone strength? Chestnuts.

Chestnuts may not be as popular as pistachios or walnuts, but they are very fruitful to the body. The high amount of copper in this nut helps the body empowers the bones and boosts the immune system. But that’s not the whole story, the low level of cholesterol and sugar in this nut helps with heart diseases and digestion. What is more, chestnuts consist of vitamin B, which can make red blood cells and enhance brain function. The high amount of carbohydrates in this nut also improve the energy level, which is a need even if you are working from home.


Is it possible to consume nuts during COVID-19 pandemic?

You don’t need to eat an exact number of nuts to get immune against the coronavirus. However, it’s essential to avoid overeating nuts during the day to reduce the risk of weight-gain or nut allergy. We are all trying to imply in this post is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to be more immune not only against COVID-19 but all other even deadly diseases. We recommend using almost 30 grams of nuts during the day. That’s what nutritionists believe is suitable for an adult. It’s better to stop eating more than this amount. However, it still depends on your health conditions and what your doctor and nutritionist prescribe.

What is more, keep in mind that eating these nuts doesn’t ensure that the virus won’t get in your body. Therefore, follow the safety protocols emphasized by WHO. Wear a mask when you’re out, stay home if it’s possible, and eat healthy foods even if a cure has been found for this disease.







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