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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

There are countless applications for ABS due to balanced mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Among the most widely identifiable are keys on a computer keyboard, power-tool housing, the plastic face-guard on wall sockets (often a PC/ABS blend), and LEGO toys.

ANTH 505

ANTH 505 is a broad spectrum insecticide having contact and stomach action against pod borers, fruit borers, stem borers, leaf miners, defoliating caterpillars, sucking pests, termites etc., Combination results in synergistic action providing longer protection.

Braeburn Apple

Braeburn Apple is a type of hard apple whose skin has red/orange vertical lines and a yellow/green background. The intensity of its color varies with different climates during growth. The smell of apples wafts when bitten. The name of the apple is taken from the Berburn orchard, where it was first cultivated. It has strong […]

Caustic soda flakes

The main applications of caustic soda flakes are in paper production, aluminum refining, soap and detergent production, viscose fibers, organic and inorganic chemical production, pH adjustment, biodiesel production, textile industries, water and wastewater treatment, paint production, and coating, petrochemical and oil and gas well drilling, glue and sealant production and many other industries.


CHEKMET is a pheromone-based insecticide. It is used to impair the breeding cycle of the light brown apple moth. In 2007, this product came to the attention of many, especially those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, when some of these moths, which are native to Australia and New Zealand, were found in […]

CM 75

CM-75 is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide. It is used to control leaf spot, rust diseases of groundnut, and blast disease of paddy crop. This product controls the different types of diseases

Cox Apple

Cox Apple is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. It arose in England in the 19th century as a chance seedling, and has inspired apple lovers ever since. The best Cox apple trees are mostly grown in the cities of Tehran and Isfahan. It remains unsurpassed for its […]


Acetamiprid is an insecticide from the group of neonicotinoids with systemic, contact and digestive effects, which is used to control many sucking pests and some larvae. EKKA is absorbed by the leaves and distributed in the plant. It affects the synapses of the insect’s central nervous system by disrupting the action of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Empire Apple

Empire apples are medium-sized, bright red with a light-green blush. They have creamy white crisp, juicy flesh that is sweet and tart. East Azarbaijan province is one of the largest producers of this type of apple and ranks first in apple production. This fruit can also protect the lungs of adults. Probably due to the […]

Ethylene vinyl acetate (18% EVA)

EVA copolymers are used in hats, molded seals, footwear, and automotive interiors. They are also used as a base polymer in many adhesive resin formulations and in electric wires and cables.

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA 28%)

This polymer has many applications in various industries due to its properties and characteristics such as low weight, odorless, mold ability, high transparency and lower price compared to natural rubber. It is used to produce medical equipment, fishing equipment, flexible pipes, making turntables.

flakes 60% Sodium sulfide

This combination is widely used in the leather industry, textile industry, and separation of metals from minerals, artificial silk production, and paper production.


FLICK acts by two way mode of action. It is fungitoxic when exposed to air,converted in to an isothio cyanate, which inactivates the sulphahydral groups of enzymes in fungi, causing disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning. On the other hand having systemic activity acts by inhibiting fungal mitotic microtubule formation resulting in inhibiting the development of […]


This product (FLICK SUPER) reduces plant stress and increases antioxidant capacity. It also activates plant defense responses and increases plant growth and yield with a noticeable difference in fruit size.

Fuji Apple

Fuji apples ranges in color from reddish stripes to a slight pink to red blush over a yellow background. It has an exceptionally sweet flavor with a crisp, creamy white flesh. It is a juicy apple known for its characteristically powerful and sweet crunch. This type of apple is mostly grown in Damavand and Absard, […]

Golden Apple | Golden Delicious

Iranian golden apple is one of the highest quality apples available at a low price. Golden apple with unique aroma and oily skin and different taste is special for mountainous areas. Karaj and Urmia are the two cities that produce this type of apple in Iran. Among the properties that can be mentioned are the […]